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Interview with André Philipp Ehrat:

-Hey André, where are you from?

André: Hello, I was born in Freiburg (Germany) and I currently live in Vienna (Austria), Freiburg & Stuttgart.

-When did you start moving in the financial market?

André: I bought my first stock at the age of 13 on my father’s account, which I had analyzed from newspapers. I researched the company that was to receive a large contract from our city airport at the time and made my first profits.

-What is your “unique selling point” in financial markets?

André: Since this success I have continued to educate myself about the financial market, I studied at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and founded a company with 13 shareholders which organized financial fairs for day traders. Later I studied at the IU and got a scholarship for business informatics and continued my education in the field of computer science where I work today and founded another company in the e-commerce sector.

Now I am combining my knowledge of technology and finance here for my portfolio!

-That means you have already experienced some well-known bad times on the stock market?

André: Oh yes, I have had practical and painful experiences from which I have learned. I have witnessed a few crashes such as the 2018 crypto crash and the corona crash and I want to move our portfolio safely and with a steady hand, even through stormy times. Now I feel more comfortable when others are panicked and I feel uncomfortable when everyone is euphoric.
I have the courage to take risks but also have a strategy to hedge the risk.

-Oh I remember these times, but speaking of risk, how do you assess your risk behavior on the financial market?

André: I have been flying gliders since I was 14 years old, yes it is legal. In a glider, you don’t have an engine to save you in a downwind to reach the next upwind. I have been used to weighing risks for maximum success since I was very young.

I am also used to keep calm when the wind is going down at 5 meters per second. My mood is exactly the same when it comes to stocks. Unlike other investors, I love turbulent times. Those are the times with the greatest opportunities.

And good decisions can only be made with a clear head..

-Thank you André!

André: Thank you!

  • Tech-Investor, Computer Scientist & Serial Entrepreneur
  • Over 30% average annual return since 2020
  • Achieved over 140% return in 2020
  • With 7 Years experience in trading 
  • IU scholarship for computer science
  • Co-Founder of the former Finance Fusion GbR – an organizer of a day trading fair
  • Founder of Roller & Ehrat GbR – an E-Commerce Company
  • Sport pilot for motor aircraft and gliders

 André Philipp Ehrat – Etoro Popular Investor

Why Copytrading is the future of investing?

Imagine everything a professional investor does with his private investments also happens with your portfolio.
If he buys stocks with his private money after extensive analysis and experience, you automatically buy too.
Of course not with the same amount but in the same proportion.

The investor does not want to lose his own money with bad investments as much as you do and therefore makes his decisions on a different basis than if he would trade with other people’s money.

Moreover, there are no management fees to copy his portfolio, unlike a managed investment fund.

These are two of the main reasons why I see copytrading as the future of investing.

Why copy André’s Investment Strategies on the broker – Etoro

A.Ehrat Invests Solely in Innovation & Hightech

“technology & innovation cannot be stopped, not even a government will be able to stop them, they will inevitably play a major role in shaping our future & society is turned upside down.
You decide which side you will be on.” 
A. P. Ehrat


” As an IT-Entrepreneur I always keep myself up to date with the latest technology & trends e.g. in Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, VR, e-commerce, Industry 4.0 & robotics to be one of the first on the train towards the future.

I see the technology I invest in from both an economic and a technical perspective.” 

the markets

” I invest in the global emerging markets for technology. 

Our portfolio is invested in solutions from the following geographic markets: 

USA, India, Germany, Canada, Great Britain, China, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Africa. ”

The Risk management

I have the courage to take risks but also have a strategy to hedge the risk. The technology sector is inherently very volatile, but I hedge the portfolio with several strategies: E.g. diversification with ETFs, Indices, crypto and gold. In severe crises, we are also able to sell short, in order to benefit from falling prices.”

Innovative Sectors in which André’s fund is invested

Artificial intelligence
Virtual & Augmented Reality

Vegan Meat & Non-dairy Substitutes

Electric & Hydrogen Mobility

Software & Hardware
Crypto Currencies
E-Sports & Games

5G Network & Communication


Payment Providers

Cloud Computing

Space travel

Blockchain technology

green energy
3D Printing
Big data
q-Commerce & Online Ordering
Data Center Real Estate
Bio-Technology & Genetic Medicine

How can I copy the fund and trades of the world best traders ?

You can copy André P. Ehrats portfolio for free and without any commission etc.
All you need is an account at the broker Etoro – the world’s leading social trading platform.

You can open your own trader portfolio at Etoro, and simply copy André Ehrat´s trading strategy without trading yourself. This enables you to earn a passive income without having knowledge of the market yourself.

You own every share or crypto currency under your name – only his trading activities such as buying and selling are automatically copied for your portfolio. We are talking about “copy trading”.

I.e. it also takes over all trading decisions that André Ehrat makes for your portfolio at the same time with the same percentage share. i.e. if he invests 5% of his own equity in Apple shares, your portfolio would automatically contain 5% Apple shares.

I.e. you have full control over your investment. It is possible to end the copy at any time.

You can also watch André’s performance on your watchlist on Etoro or start with the minimum copy amount of $500 and add capital as needed and as you wish.

In a few minutes you become an investor.

Follow the 4 steps:


open your free account with the world market leader in social trading Etoro


You can find André Ehrats portfolio on Etoro under the name ” AEHRAT ” or by clicking on this button you can go directly to Ehrats portfolio


As soon as you have paid your capital into your own Etoro-Account click “COPY” or “KOPIEREN” on AEHRAT´s portfolio.
The minimum amount for copying was set by Etoro at 500 US-Dollars.


Now you have the choice whether you buy all of AEHRATs  currently open trades directly into your portfolio at the current market price or rather wait until he makes new trades. (I recommend ticking the box next to copy all open trades and taking over all open trades immediately in order to profit immediately). Then click “copy” and ready! You are an Hightech-Investor now!

Join the future and invest in Innovation

That’s what André’s copiers say

I’ve been a copier of your fund for about 1 year and I really appreciate your work. Thanks to your synchronous trading activities, my stock portfolio is three-digit plus!


Etoro Investor
Invested amount: $3.500 

That was the best investment alternative I’ve known so far.

The normal mutual funds are too sluggish for me and cost commissions and fees. Copying your fund on Etoro is free and a great alternative with a very high return, Thank you André!


Etoro Investor
Invested amount: $1000

It quickly became clear to me that I would only entrust a portfolio to a computer scientist and not a banker. I am convinced that a computer scientist with financial knowledge is best in the tech world


Etoro Investor
Invested amount: $1800

generate your passive income and become an Investor!


Why a longer-term ban seems almost impossible! As we have seen in the past, almost every major innovation has resulted in bans and regulations. Why do governments really want to ban cryptos? And why it is almost impossible.
Yesterday I took a profit from Gamestop because Gamesop rose again to over $ 180 and as expected, gamestop is already falling a little today, so that was a good decision. We are currently invested in Gamestop Corp. with 2.3%. We reinvested in cryptocurrencies today. - Among other indicators, the RSI indicates oversold. And keep in mind that we will keep cryptocurrencies for the long term

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